Online Cyber Crime Complaint Filing And Reporting Procedure In India

Cyber crime investigation is a very complicated procedure that requires good techno legal knowledge. It also involves conflict of laws as laws of different countries and jurisdictions are involved in most cases. This is the reason why law enforcement agencies of India are not very keen to entertain cyber crime complaints and cases in India. They lack basic training and skills for cyber crimes investigation and as a result cyber crimes in India have increased significantly.

Modi govt is also not very keen to ensure digital empowerment of Indians. Visionary Praveen Dalal suggested the shortcomings of Digital India project in 2015 but Modi govt failed to take any action. As a result many good digital projects were unable to improve the life and condition of Indians. Modi govt engaged in advertisement and rhetoric instead of actual use of technology for public good.

The only people who are happy with this approach of Modi govt are cyber criminals as they are openly looting Indians without any legal remedy. Normal court process is too slow, cumbersome and lengthy and pursuing cyber crimes there is almost futile.

Law enforcement agencies are also not interested in registering FIR for such cyber crimes as that would force them to investigate, a task that they greatly despise due to their lack of cyber law knowledge.

On top of that, Praveen Dalal has been stressing for ensuring regulatory framework and procedural safeguards for Digital India since 2015. Even in September 2022, Modi govt has failed to do so. As a result we have govt portals that have been launched for the sake of advertisement and rhetoric with nil benefit and utility to Indians.

Now what should you do if you are a victim of cyber crime? You can either approach the govt portal and wait for a miracle to get the relief or you can approach the ODR Portal of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) that is the best online cyber crime reporting portal of India. We would coordinate your case with appropriate national and international authorities.

All cases at ODR Portal are resolved within 3 months and we extend our two decades techno legal expertise to fill the legal and judicial gaps that exist in India. The procedure to use the ODR Portal is very simple and its benefits are tremendous. Just follow the simple steps mentioned at the right side of the portal and it would hardly take 2 minutes to file your online cyber crime complaints in India.

To get best results, you are required to do the following:

(a) Use ODR Portal as soon as possible after the occurrence of cyber crime or cyber fraud, and

(b) Give as much information and evidence as possible and follow our instructions very carefully once we contact you.

If you follow these two conditions, you would definitely get a remedy and justice for the cyber crime/cyber fraud.

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